About Us

Lansdowne Auctions is one of the pre-eminent commercial and residential property auction companies in the UK based in London. With our vast experience in this industry, we make bold to say that our reputation and level of excellent service delivery is unbeatable. With over countless years of studying and being practically involved in the UK property industry, we have maintained a high profile of sustainable achievements. The level of our success has been as a result of our undivided commitment and loyalty to our clients.

Our approach to auctioning properties is a modern and dynamic one, making sure that only commercial and residential properties of superior quality are offered to our clients. With our level of expertise, we provide a level playing ground for every participant ensuring that everyone is completely satisfied. Our team of experienced and highly trained professionals is built with enthusiasm and the right cutting-edge which makes us a force to reckon with in the industry.

Lansdowne Auctions is uniquely different as we avail ourselves of every opportunity to show high dedication to our clients. Our passion for the property auction industry makes us the more committed, devoted, motivated and driven by excellence which is the reason our clients trust our judgments. You can entrust your assets in our care and you can be rest assured of valuable returns on your investment. Welcome to Lansdowne Auctions!